Lila turning 2 feels so different than when she turned one. Every month on the 31st, or last day of the month if it didn't have a 31st day, we would remember Lila. We say things like "oh Lila turns 18 months today" or "Lila would be 22 months today." Sometimes we would go out to dinner or do something in her honor and other times we would just acknowledge it. Now that she's two though it seems a little odd to do that. Most people do not acknowledge when their baby turns 35 months or 45 months. It would be quite weird if they did. To us it just is another realization that Lila would be a smiling and happy toddler now and so different than the little baby we got to know for 8 days. We wouldn't be counting how many months she was any longer, we would be saying she is 2 or 2.5. It is just different and weird and I cant believe she's 2. 


I did want to show a few pictures from Lila's birthday. We had a few friends and family members come over and spend time with us. It helps us to be able to plan an event and be around friends and family. It was very nice for us and I hope they all enjoyed themselves too. Mike, Evie and I let go two balloons for her and we sprinkled pink glitter all around the yard in the snow. We toasted with pink wine at the time Lila was born. We ate some food, I had the party catered because it takes away the stress of cooking of course. The house was decorated with carnations because that is the flower for the month of January and I associate carnations with Lila now. There was a make your own cannoli bar with homemade pizzelle cookies and a lot of toppings that everyone enjoyed. We made the Italian pizzelles in honor of Lila and Evie being 56.25% Italian, Mike being 12.5% and me being 100%. Some of Lila's things were set out for everyone to see including her hats and clothes and pictures. We talked about her and remembered her. It was a sad day, but it was as nice as it could be and I hope Lila knows how much she was missed and we would have given anything to have her here with us celebrating her own 2nd birthday.