Lila's Hair and First Bath

A friend of ours asked to hear some stories about Lila and I thought it was a great idea to share more about her. When she was born and we saw her for the first time her hair looked curly. I mean it was dirty and stuff from actually being born, but it had a little curl to it. We kept telling everyone that it was pretty obvious that she was going to have curly hair like her Mom. 


On the Monday after she was born, when she was 4 days old, she had her first bath. Lila seemed so mad about it too. She kept clenching her fists and just had a look of disgust on her face. Mike called it "the ultimate look of displeasure." It was the most she had opened up her eyes too and I think she just wanted to see what the heck we were doing to her. I felt like we really got to see what life would have been like if we could have brought her home. We were seeing a glimpse of her newborn personality and we knew she would have hated bath time. This was also the first time we got to hold her and Mike had to raise her up out of her bassinet so she could get all new sheets. 

After her bath we got to brush her hair and she suddenly looked like a whole new baby as her hair turned completely straight. It was short too, but any signs of curls were completely gone. Her hair was so soft, the softest I have ever felt. It was thick for a little baby and the prettiest shade of dark brown I have seen. In some of her pictures it looks light brown, but it was definitely darker. We could really now see how thin her hair was in the front and how long it got in the back. Like Mike said in his eulogy, it was not a mullet, it was just perfect.

I could stare at the picture below of just her hair all day long. I wish we would have gotten to see if it ever would have ever turned curly. -Jenny