Lila's Hair

I think we already talked about Lila's hair and how unique it was.  I haven't thought about it recently but today Jenny set out some pictures for me to take to work.  One of them is a picture of Jenny holding Lila with Lila wearing a white bow.  I took this picture at an angle looking at the top of Lila's head.  I put this one next to a picture of Lila from the front and it made me think about Lila's hair.  (The two pictures are below.)  Lila had such short hair in the front that it almost made you think that she was a completely bald baby.  SInce I have looked at that picture so often, it was conditioned in my mind that Lila had very fine short hair.  But Lila's hair was at least an inch long in some places on the back of her head.  I found myself staring at this picture a lot today.  She was so beautiful and didn't look weird or like an alien at all, like some newborns do.  She was perfect. - Mike