Party favors for a 2 year old

I wanted to find something to put at Lila's mausoleum that said "2" on it for her birthday. A sash or button or something like that. I made the mistake of searching 2 year old in the party favors section on Amazon. A million things came up of course. Hats, banners, candles, tee shirts, and so on. It was defeating. We should have a two year old and we don't. No one really knows why either. She should be laughing and yelling and running and so cute and cuddly. Who would she look like? What would she act like? The list goes on forever. I just cannot believe this reality two years later. My mind knows it happened and yet I can never fully comprehend the enormity of losing Lila. We miss her so much. 

I bought her a princess tiara with the number 2 on it. I feel like she would have liked it. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.35.09 PM.png