Taxes and College

I knew this was coming but didn't think it was going to bother me this much.  I file my taxes online through a website.  I knew I was going to have a lot of check marks to click in the "Life Changes" section.  Bought a house in 2013? Check.  Had a baby in 2013? Check.  Any deaths in the family? Check.  This was fine, as I was anticipating having to do this.  The very next page talks about a death in the family and how sorry they are for our loss and will guide me through any tax implications.  That was fine.  A few pages later was a page congratulating me on having a baby and the first line said "You've experienced the joy of welcoming a new family member. Your bundle of joy also qualifies you for more tax benefits." The page proceeds to refer to the new baby as a "sweetheart" and talks about the credits/exemptions we can take and how to start saving for college.  Aside from the obvious reason why this upset me, I knew how we were going to save for college for Lila. I had it all figured out.

This reminds me of another commercial on TV that I can't stand.  It's that Gerber Life college plan commercial with a bunch of parent sitting around drinking coffee.  A few joke with how they have no clue how to start saving and don't know where to start.  Then the another annoying couple talks about this plan, etc, etc.  It just digs at me because I had this figured out before Lila was born.  Lila would have been just one year old now, but since she's gone I think about everything that she didn't not get the chance to do.  This is just one example of that. - Mike