Shower Curtain

Our upstairs guest bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in our new house b/c its the only room that we totally designed ourselves. We picked out the countertop and had tile put in and everything in it is brand new. When we had to buy a shower curtain I pulled up a few online that I liked and Mike and I both agreed on this white one with flowers on it. Mike said it was a little girly, but he just liked it. When it got to the house we put it up and I suddenly realized why we liked it so much.

It looked exactly like the headband of Lila's that she had worn the most. It was the only headband that did not seem to get in her way and stayed on her head the longest. She had looked adorable wearing it and it was dainty and petite, just like she was. 

We have tried to incorporate Lila in every room of our house. I just never thought she would be included in something like picking out the shower curtain. She was our whole life and now we even pick out accessories based on her and I just wish she was here to see it all.