Lila Snow

Yesterday marked one year from the last time we saw and held Lila.  She passed away at night at the Children's Home in Pittsburgh.  When we left there on our way to a hotel, there was such a pretty light snow falling.  I don't remember much from that drive but I do remember how peaceful that snow was.  Jenny made a comment on that drive that maybe this was a sign from Lila.  From that point on, we know that type of snow as Lila snow.  Whenever we see Lila snow, we think of Lila.  There have been several tough days for us over the past year and on several of those days, it was Lila snowing.  It gave us a little bit of light to some very dark days.  We associate that snow with Lila's presence and whenever we see it, it warms us a little bit and is comforting.  It's hard to tell in the picture below but there is a very light snow falling.  That was the only snow that fell yesterday at our house.  We think Lila worked very hard yesterday to make it snow just that little bit for us yesterday.  It was one year after one of the worst days of our lives and we thank Lila for giving us that little bit of snow.