Lila Francine was the baby we had hoped and dreamed about for so long.  She was everything to us and we would have done anything for her.  She was born on January 31, 2013 after a normal and uneventful pregnancy and we were expecting a healthy baby.  We knew the moment she was born that things were not as we had anticipated.  This is her story and how we lost our beautiful angel on February 8, 2013 to reasons we did not know were possible.


Our Story

After Lila was born, we started a Caring Bridge website to inform family and friends of her condition.  After Lila passed we finished posting about her days with us and this website tells her story.

Lila Rupinsky Memorial Fund


We have started a memorial fund in Lila's honor that we plan to use to keep her name alive and perform acts of kindness that would make her proud. 


Lila's Memorial Stones

Lila was on Earth for too short a time, but will be in our hearts and on our minds forever. We'd like to show her the rest of the world.

Please take a pocket stone at her memorial and let it represent sweet Lila. Take your "Lila" stone with you to any place you'd like Lila to see.  Hold her near, take her far, and share your adventures.  Please take a picture of your "Lila" stone and send it to us via so we can see all the places that Lila's name has traveled (even if it is just a spot in your home).  Each picture that we receive will be posted on the website.

Please contact us also if you do not have a "Lila" stone and would like one. 


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