Coffee Shop

Mike and I went to a local coffee shop today (thank you Mary for introducing me to this place). We are trying to do things that we never did while pregnant with Lila and this was a new place for us. Plus it was funny that Mike was the only guy there with all women who were chatting away with friends. We were sitting there and there was a group of women nearby talking amongst themselves. They were being rather loud as one of them announced that her daughter had her first baby yesterday and that she was flying out of town tomorrow to meet her grandchild for the first time. She went on and on about how great it was to be able to text with her daughter during her labor and how she felt she was a part of it even though she was miles away. She shared the baby boy's name and that she was so excited to meet him. She was sharing her joyous news while Mike and I sat there. What were we supposed to do? Get up and leave? Ask her to not share her good news because it was painful for us to hear? Cover our ears? Start crying because that should have been our good news just a few weeks ago? What do you do in situations like this? People have good news to share, that is life and we know this. But to us, our good news, our good fortune and our way of life all came to a crashing end when Lila died. We ended up just sitting there and drinking our coffee and the woman shortly walked away. We talked about how much we missed Lila and how she should be sitting with us at the booth we were in, probably sleeping away in her car seat while we talked. I imagine there will come a time when we will not even notice people's conversations such as the one we heard today. It will probably take years. When we left the coffee shop it was lightly snowing the snow that has reminded us of Lila so many times before. I think she agrees that this is all going to take us a very long time. -Jenny