Lila stones traveling

We got more Lila stones in the mail the other day, this time we got two more colors as well. We are really enjoying seeing everyone's pictures of where the Lila stones have traveled. Right now the furthest away we have seen one go is Hawaii (thank you Ali). Mike and I were talking and we want to see the Lila stones in all 50 states and as many other countries as possible. Thank you all for your help on this project too. Something as simple as taking a picture of a stone may not seem like you are doing all that much for us, but it truly does mean something special and we thank you. We had so many plans to take our Lila traveling with us and show her so many places. We already had plans to take her to Boston in October to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. We were going to visit Joey, Nathan, Sam and Lindsay and show her parts of Salem, Massachusetts because I have always found the witches to be fascinating. We just had so many plans for her even before she was born.

Yet now we must look forward to seeing where her memorial stones can go and how many places people can think of her while visiting. If you do not have a stone and would like one please let us know. And just because you are not a big traveler does not mean we don't want to see your pictures. Seeing Lila stones resting in your home or office lets us know that you see it often and think of her and that means just as much. -Jenny

[FYI, We created a new page dedicated to tracking where the Lila stones have traveled.  We added a map that pins everywhere they have been.]