I did not think Fathers Day would be so hard on me as I am sure it is on Mike. I keep thinking of all the things Lila and I would have done for Mike. The pictures we would have taken, the typical gifts I would have bought him like a tie and shirt, the card I would have made Lila sign by wrapping a pen in her almost 5 month old's little hands and moved the card along.

Mike deserved to have this holiday spent with his baby girl. He was the best Dad she could have ever wanted. I may have spent more time with her during the pregnancy but he certainly spent more time with her while I was recovering from the c-section. When they let us hold her for the first time I wanted him to hold her first. I had her for 9 months, it was time he got to hold her. This picture is from that moment. He said he never wanted to put her down. 

He told me once that he still remembers the first time he saw her and how much he loved her and could not believe this little baby was really his. He said he did not know what she would look like, but when he saw her he realized that was of course Lila, big lips, dark hair and adorable.