Father's Day

Last Father's Day, Jenny was pregnant with Lila but nobody really knew.  I remember thinking about what this Father's Day would be like and how much I was looking forward to what Jenny was going to do with Lila on that day.  Jenny has a knack for making days like this feel extra special and I knew she would make this day a great one.  It's still a shock to us that Lila is gone.  I wish every day that she were still here.

Today I wore my Ohio State shirt, the one that matches Lila's onesie.  If Lila were here, every time I'd wear this I'd try to make sure that Lila was wearing hers as well.  I feel like I would have done that often and would probably embarrass Jenny and Lila a few too many times but I wouldn't care.  I went to the grocery store today to get some steaks for our new grill and imagined pushing Lila around as I get everything on the list.  I'm sure people would have come up to us and gush over how cute Lila is and how she has such big full lips.  Having my little girl with me when I do everyday, mundane tasks like this would make them priceless.  Going through everyday without my Sweet Lila is awful but going through today without her when we should be celebrating just adds fuel to the fire.  This life doesn't get any easier, but I heard from a lot of friends and family today and that made it a little more bearable.  It's hard to be thankful for anything now-a-days but I am thankful for that. - Mike