Lila was born at 4:22 PM on January 31st, 2013.  That time of day will always be a special time of day for me.  I started going in earlier to work so that I could be out by 4:22, as opposed to 4:30.  Shortly after Lila died, I set an alarm on my phone to go off everyday at 4:22 PM.  I seem to never expect the alarm when it goes off but when it does I think of Lila.  It's like she is contacting me everyday at 4:22.  It's always interesting to see what I am doing at that time every day.  A few times, Jenny and I were discussing something about the house and had differing opinions when the alarm went off and I say to Jenny, "See! Lila agrees with me."   A couple times I was painting and had paint all over my hands and I couldn't turn the alarm off so it rang for a few minutes until Jenny was able to get to it.  If Lila were here, this is what it would have been like for me to drop everything when she started getting fussy or crying.  4:22 is a special time of day that is only Lila's because whenever the alarm goes off, I stop what I'm doing and think about our beautiful little girl. - Mike