This wknd

I noticed this weekend that we had something to do at all times. My parents dog stayed with us this week and they came to pick her up with my Aunt and Uncle on Sat morning. We got to show them around the new house and talked with all of them for a little while.

Then on Sat afternoon a  good friend of mine came to visit and brought her dog and also spent the night. We went out for a nice dinner and then sat on our back porch and talked. It is nice to have someone staying with us, especially someone who is so helpful to us.

Today my brother and another friend came over and helped Mike take down an old fence that was in our backyard. Then we grilled out and watched the Pirates game. The whole weekend was accounted for and we had people around us at all times.

This is what we need. People keep asking us what they can do to help. You can visit us. You can reach out to us. You can send us an email.  Lila was supposed to be with us all day everyday and now it is just us. We need people around us at all times. People that will just listen and will talk about Lila. We need to talk about her and we will. 

The reality of losing Lila is the most unbearable pain there is, but it is worse when we are alone because it was supposed to be the three of us and now there are only two.