Lila's Mausoleum Gifts

Mike and I have been meaning to write this for a long time, but we thought we'd figure it out on our own and just have not yet! We wanted to thank the person who left a small angel doll at Lila's mausoleum for her. It was brought there a few months ago and we do not know who left it so we have not been able to thank them properly! So if you are out there and you left it for her, thank you so very much. Thank you most of all for visiting Lila's mausoleum. We do not get there enough on our own but it means EVERYTHING to us to know that other people are visiting.

The truth is that I wish more people would go on their own more often. It is really sad for me to go to the mausoleum. Her picture is there and she looks so perfect in it. Seeing her name written in stone is just so final for me. It is so upsetting and I've never left there without crying for my baby. But I would like other people to visit her, I don't want her to be alone if that makes any sense. I know a few people who go on their own and have told me that and I have brought one sweet friend who asked to go with me. That is so special to me. So if you've thought about going before please do. If you go alone there is a code to get into the building so just ask me. Or ask to go with me. 

Lila's mausoleum spot only has a small vase to leave her things. So Mike and I like to switch it up every so often to bring her different things. If you leave her something and it is no longer there, it is because Mike and I have brought it home and put it with all the rest of Lila's things. We will probably bring it back at some point or another. Right now we had to make room for the fall colored flowers we wanted to bring to her.