Oakmont Bakery Cookies

I first had a cookie from Oakmont Bakery in the fall of 2011 when we were visiting Pittsburgh to look for apartments before we moved here. I had read somewhere about how good it was there and I told Mike we had to try it out. It was all a part of our "exploring our new home" trip. So we went and got a half dozen of their sugar cookies that were shaped as Steelers footballs and I was immediately hooked. They are the best cookies I have ever had without question. I rarely like cookies that are not homemade, but this place is the exception to my own rule. We went there a few times during my pregnancy, it takes about 45 minutes from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, but it was worth the drive. I think the last time we were there was in December and we were talking about how we could only ever order a cake and cookies from this bakery for all of the big events in Lila's life. I remember saying that Lila deserved the best cookies and that is why we would have to order them for her from here. I think we even talked about how we would have some made for her baptism celebration which we casually said would probably be in the spring of 2013 sometime. We are planners and liked to think of every last detail for everything when it came to Lila. I am really struggling today as we  had so many things planned for our sweet baby, even what cookies to have at her birthday parties one day. There is no reason she should not be here with us. 

When we were faced with the planning of a memorial service I knew Oakmont Bakery would be the only place that I could get cookies from for it. Lila deserved the best and that is what I wanted to give her when it came to even the smallest things like cookies. This was my only chance to make a choice for a party in her honor that I had known I had wanted to give her in her lifetime. 

Thank you to Oakmont Bakery for making the most perfect pink colored cookies with little L's on them. It may have not seemed like a big deal to them, but it meant so very much to us. We just wish our little girl would have been able to eat one herself one day.  

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