I wore a shirt today that I haven't worn since Lila was born.  I found a note in the breast pocket that I wrote to myself.  It was a list that said "eggs, bread and hard drive." It was to remind me to go to the store and to look into getting the data off the hard drive of our busted laptop.  This simple note shouldn't have been upsetting but it was.  Reading this four word note to myself was a glimpse into what my life was like before I knew the pain of losing Lila.  My life was simple and seemed perfect.  Going to work, making sure my pregnant wife was happy and anticipating Lila's arrival were my daily activities.  Now my whole world is upside down and I don't know how to fix it.  When you are dealing with such a tragic loss like this, the simplest things like a note to yourself can push you down.  Jenny and I come across little reminders like this a lot and we wish the glimpses into the past that we get were real so that Lila was still with us. - Mike