We have been busy the past several days and haven't had much time or energy to write a post.  We closed on our first home on Friday and have been spending our time doing some small work and trying to come up with a plan for some minor renovations.  I'll write more about everything soon but just wanted to share the mix of emotions that this has brought us.  First of all we are grateful to have found such a nice home in a great neighborhood.  Jenny's Dad suggested to us that we should start looking for a house after Lila died.  We were hesitant to look at first but when we did, we got lucky with this house.  But, as is our life right now, with every positive we are brought back down because Lila should be doing all of this with us.  Moving in without her is going to be another hard pill to swallow.  We'll post a picture of the house and go into more detail about it soon. - Mike