North Dakota

Mike and I have said before that we feel that our North Dakota trip is all Lila's doing. Almost as if she wanted us to go somewhere we would have never gone before and experience things we would not normally have done. North Dakota was certainly a surprise to us as the last state to get a Lila stone picture and we are looking forward to our trip. We are thinking it will be in 2015. 

I read this article on about North Dakota and it is so interesting. Lila is now also educating all of us about this state that is the least traveled to state in the US. So many random tidbits that make us more and more excited to check out this very unique state. 

Some of the highlights are:

*North Dakota has a law where they cannot serve beer and pretzels at the same time in any restaurant or bar

*North Dakota has more registered vehicles than it does people living there

*It is illegal to dance in North Dakota while wearing a hat

*It illegal to take a nap in North Dakota while wearing shoes

(I am sure some of these laws aren't really observed but still!)

*North Dakota is the only state in the US that has never had an earthquake

You can read the article below: