Easter weekend

Here we are upon another holiday weekend, and for us, it is the second Easter without Lila. Last year we did not even acknowledge the holiday, it was way too close to losing her and it is true what people say about the firsts of everything being the worst. Easter is one of those holidays that I had always envisioned going over board for her. She would have had an adorable little dress and of course a very girly bonnet of some kind. We always thought she would like bunny rabbits and that is always the type of stuffed animal we would buy for her. It would have been a great time to show her off and take her around to all of the family events. 

This year, is different, but certainly not any easier. She would have been at a great age to participate in events  while running all around and of course we would have gone overboard with dressing her up again. We have decided to acknowledge it, but will not be doing the typical Easter brunch or going to church. Small steps I suppose. This year we will be visiting Lila's tree, it is close to blooming and so very pretty this time of year. Then we will have a small dinner with my brother, maybe even make some deviled eggs. I was even thinking we might spread some of the pink glitter from her birthday around outside since it is supposed to be so nice out that day. 

Everyday is hard without Lila here, but there is something about the holidays that seem to throw it in your face that your child is missing. Hopefully by doing things with Lila in mind it will help ease the sadness a little bit. 

The picture below is of one of her bonnets, she actually did get to wear this one too. It was huge on her and looked like a flower with it on, but she got to wear it. I will be holding onto it all weekend.