Out of the blue recently I received a text message from my good friend Jim in NYC. Him and his wife had been decorating for Christmas and made this little ornament out of one of their Lila stones. It was so touching and nice to see and meant so much to Mike and I. We know that people often think of Lila and will not forget her. The holidays are incredibly tough this year without Lila but learning about how some are incorporating Lila into their Christmas holiday is such a warm and special feeling for us. It was equally appreciated when we got another photo from my friend Rachel a few days later of her Lila stone also being made into an ornament. She made a nice little project out of it and told me she hung it high on her tree so her little boy, Lila's would have been friend, wouldn't knock it off the tree. I just love that. 

Last year's Christmas was filled with so much anticipation and excitement of how great this year was going to be with Lila here. We were going to do so much with her and probably drive all over PA and OH showing her off to everyone. She would have been the same age as I was on my first Christmas and I could not wait to see how she reacted to all the things going on around her. 

If you do think of us or Lila this Christmas, don't hesitate to let us know. It won't be bothersome to us, we would love to hear from you especially on such a tough day.