Getting ready for Lila

It's been over a week since I last posted.  The biggest reason is because I've been waking up earlier for work so I could put more time into getting the house ready.  In spending so much time getting the house ready for our move-in date, Jenny and I keep thinking that we are getting the house ready for Lila.  As we put finishing touches on everything it feels like we are doing it as we wait for Lila to get here.  The room that is closest to being done is the room that we would have put Lila into.  The past year of our lives was dedicated to preparing for Lila and getting her here safely.  Losing your baby is such a horribly ridiculous thing.  I keep trying to think of an analogy to this but the only one that even comes close (and it's not really close) is that this is like running a marathon and tripping, falling a breaking your leg less than a mile from the finish.  You prepared for months and months and then have your dreams ruined by something that seems so preventable. - Mike