Pittsburgh Sports

Pittsburgh is such a big sports town and we love living here.  In the past year we've been to several baseball, football and hockey games.  I had planned on taking Lila to a lot of games throughout her life to get her into sports.  I'd most likely force her for a while, but my hope was that eventually she'd like to hear me explain how everything works.  I'm sure she would have been bored out of her mind but it would have been worth it.  Sports have an up and down effect on us.  We went to Pirates, Steelers and Pitt Football games when Jenny was pregnant with Lila.  Jenny kept telling herself that we just had to get through a Steelers season and then Lila would be here.  She told me that she can't get into the Steelers this year.  The Steelers season last year was tied to Lila's pregnancy and it'll be tough to get back into it.  Jenny's brother, Dan, said that it's a good thing that we won't get into this season because the Steelers are going to stink.

I am usually a pretty positive guy but this is the window into our world so I am trying to write how we are feeling.  The Pirates opened up their season on Monday and we had talked last year about taking Lila to a game to show her cuteness off.  These thoughts are still difficult to work through.  

On a more positive note, the Penguins have been on a tear and on a 15 game winning streak.  We went to 2 of those games (one of them where Crosby broke his jaw) and the excitement has been a great distraction for us.  We've watched most of those games and like to talk about their recent trades and how far they can go in the playoffs.  Now granted, as I write this, they are currently losing to Buffalo 4-1 so let's hope they have some magic left.  These games are an outlet for us and are helpful to get us through some days but we always come back down and miss Lila.  We get ourselves in trouble as well when we try to look too far into the future, it's too overwhelming.  My daily goal is to try and get us through each day.  Hopefully, some time in the near future we can expand our window of focus to a few days or a week and then longer.  I wish we could fast forward to a point where we feel much better but life is not that easy so we must continue to get through each day. - Mike