Article I was featured in

Before Lila was born,  I remember reading on the What to Expect When You are Expecting website one day that they were looking for people who were pregnant or had a baby recently and were a type one diabetic. I could not believe it, because I love stuff like this. I liked to share my story and I was feeling so lucky with how well the pregnancy had been going. My diabetes was well under control (A1C's of 5.5, 4.7, and 5.1 in pregnancy) and my baby girl was doing great and thriving. Of course I wanted to share our story, we were what other people would want for themselves if they were also diabetic and wanted to have a baby. 

The diabetes should have been the only thing Lila had to fight off. It was the one thing hanging over her head that made her different from other babies, she had a diabetic mother. She had to deal with the swings of high and low blood sugars and make sure they did not affect her growth. She had to deal with the constant ultrasounds to make sure she was the right size, which she always passed with flying colors. She had to endure the twice weekly visits once we reached 32 weeks to make sure her heart rate was doing well. Mike and I knew she hated this too b/c she always kicked really hard when they put the monitors on me to listen to her heart. Of course she passed every one.  

This article is a sick and twisted reminder of how this baby should have only had to deal with the diabetes. That is fair isn't it? She had one thing hanging over head already. Why wasn' t that enough? Why wasn't that her only fight? She could have won that one, the diabetes had zero effect on her. She did not have a chance against the other one.