No Escape

Each day brings its own unique challenges.  We never know where it comes from or when it will hit but it always does.  Some days the challenges are small and manageable but others hit us like a ton of bricks.  

At the doctor's office today,  I was walking back to my car and I noticed four little kids in the small Honda next to me and no parents around.  At least the windows were down but none of the kids were older than 4 or 5.  I only saw one carseat in the car and the rest were using seat belts.  I got mad that someone would leave their kids alone like this and so I went to go find security.  I could have easily taken one of the kids if I were a horrible person, but I'm not.  I didn't get far when I saw the dad walking back to the car.  I wanted to say something to him but I didn't.  I like to think that he wasn't in there for that long since the car was locked empty when I parked my car but the fact remains that he put his kids in danger.  I would have never let Lila out of my sight.  I probably have been in situations like this before but they have a cruel twisted meaning now.  We can't escape it and these situations just act as another reminder of how much we miss Lila.  Hopefully we get to a point where these types of encounters don't hold the weight that they do now but it's hard to imagine when that day will come. - Mike