Free Samples

As Jenny and I were sitting around watching NCAA tournament games, the mailman knocked on the door and dropped off a package.  It's always at least mildly exciting when a package you are not expecting comes.  Turns out we got free samples of infant formula from Enfamil.  It never ends.  This is actually the second day in a row that we got free baby formula samples.  Everyday brings something that's a cruel reminder that Lila is not here, as if we don't already have enough reminders.  I have no idea how we got on these mailing lists, probably from a baby registry or something like that.  I went to Enfamil's website and sent them an email to have our address removed from whatever database that they have and told them why.  I know stuff like this will happen and that other situations will arise that make us feel like crap, but it still stings even when you expect it. - Mike