Give it all back

I read a story recently that I felt resonated a lot with how we are feeling lately. In the homily for Lila's memorial, Father Ted mentioned the story of Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. He is a Christian grammy singer who lost his five year old daughter in a tragic way a few years ago when she was hit by a car driven by one of his other children. I knew about the story, but had never read the interviews the family had done afterwards. In one of the interviews Chapman's wife had said she knew their story would touch a lot of people and serve as inspiration to others going through tragedy with how they are doing now, but that she did not care. She was their little girl's mother and she just wanted her baby back.

We have been floored by the massive outpouring for us and for Lila. We have received so many cards and gifts and emails and text messages. There are a lot of outstanding people in our lives and without their support, we would not be able to wake up in the morning. There are also a lot of amazing people who have reached out to us that we have never met, who have sent us messages or cards and they do not even know us personally.

We have been given jewelry, food, plaques, picture frames, books and a memory box, just to name a few things. One of our friends even had a tree planted in the Colorado Rockies for Lila. The fact that our little Lila has touched so many people really is amazing. We are so thankful for everyone during this time. Everything you all have done is so touching. 

And yet the thing is that we would give it all back in a heartbeat if we could have Lila again. - Jenny