Glimpse of Heaven

Jenny and I were watching the Voice on TV yesterday and one of the contestants was telling his story.  He and his wife were expecting twins and when his wife went into the hospital, there was a problem that lead to her being induced.  His twin girls were born but the doctor said that they only had 10 minutes to live.  He said something that perfectly illustrates what we are going through.  He said that having his girls was like getting a glimpse of heaven and being told you can't stay.  I couldn't have said it better.  Having Lila here made our lives complete and Lila gave us something that we had wanted for so long, to be parents.  We go from having a glimpse of heaven to having our world crash down around us.  Every day I think of how to pick the pieces back up and so far I haven't found any answers.  The memorial, Lila's website and my tattoo have been steps forward and have been helpful but we are only months into a lifetime without our baby girl.  I just miss her. - Mike