The Color Pink

Throughout the last few weeks everything we have done for Lila when it comes to color has been about the color pink. At her memorial service we asked everyone to wear pink in her honor and we got pink flowers and pink cookies and the tables had pink balloons and pink napkins on them. When we think of our little girl we always associate her with the color pink. Mike and I were talking today and its funny because while she was here with us I think we put her in every color, but pink. I think it was because I knew she would love pink and so I thought I had to put her in other colors to see what she thought of those too. She wore a white headband a lot while she was in the hospital and we put her in a white baby gown once. She wore her red outfit at the Childrens Home that was too big on her and we put her in her white christening outfit. My favorite outfit on her was the purple one with the gray hearts that she wore for the longest amount of time. None of these outfits were pink. I wish we would have had the time with her to figure out what colors she really liked on her own. I cant believe I will never get to see what she would have picked. I think it would have been pink. -Jenny