This week at work

I generally think about Lila a lot at work and I have several pictures around my desk to remind me how perfect she is.  I knew this week was going to be more difficult and I tried to set aside some mind-numbing tasks at work for me to do this week. I've found that it is easier for me to get lost in these tasks and time seems to go by faster.  But I've been running a lot of meetings recently so I couldn't spend my whole day on those tasks.  In a meeting today, during some lengthy discussion that I was not a part of, I was thinking about Lila a lot.  I was thinking about the day she was born, her crazy birth and how stunned I was immediately afterwards.  I was thinking of when the doctors said that I had to leave while they finished Jenny's c-section and that when I got back into the labor room, my family was completely split up.  Lila was down at the NICU, Jenny still in surgery and I was in the labor/delivery room.  I felt my mind race similar to like it was that day.  I probably could have cried, had I not snapped out of that thought.  These tough memories have been coming back more frequently recently and I have a vivid recollection of all of them.  I try to focus on the happy memories that I have of Lila, but I still get emotional over those because those are all I have of her. - Mike