We are going to…..

I don't know if everyone remembers, but at the beginning of the Lila stone project we said we wanted to get a picture of the Lila stone in every state. Then Mike and I would travel to the 50th state ourselves, no matter which state it was. Well it has been determined that in 2014 Mike and I will be going to NORTH DAKOTA!


Even if we do end up getting a picture from there, we will still be traveling there ourselves as it is the last state, but as of now we do not have one from there. We do not know much about the state, though I have read that it is the least traveled to state in the country. We are thinking that we will go there in the fall, as we know they get a lot of snow and the winter is not a good idea. I have been researching about it and read that it is the state that grows the most sunflowers which would be pretty to see. It seems to be an outdoorsy type of state that is also known for the bison they have there. Obviously Mike and I have never been to a state like this and know that Lila had a hand in all of this. She is making decisions for her Mommy and Daddy still to this day. She obviously wants her parents to experience a completely new place that they never would have gone to before without her influence. So we will go there and spend time remembering our sweet baby girl who we miss so very much. If you have any tips for traveling to North Dakota feel free to send them our way too.