Our Family

Whenever Jenny and I are out in public, I feel that people see us as just a normal, (relatively) young married couple.  People probably don't act this way in reality but that is how I feel people are viewing us.  This is hard to describe. It has almost been a whole year but everything is still so fresh in my mind and our lives feel frozen in time. We keep moving on but we do so without our baby. There is hardly a time when I'm out in public that I don't feel like I'm wearing a sign saying "My baby died and her name is Lila" around my neck and no one notices.  These feelings have seemed to intensify in the days and weeks leading up to Lila's birthday. Being so close to Lila's birthday, we are reliving the events that happened before Lila was born. We were so anxious and excited for our family to grow and it's impossible to think that we'll ever be that lighthearted again. I have the urge to want everyone who comes across us to know that we are much more than just a married couple. We are a family and we lost our most important part in a tragic way. -Mike