Lila Stone Request


A few nights ago Mike and I were going through the Lila stone pictures on our computer. On the MacBook Air you can make a slideshow out of your picture albums and it automatically adds some music. So we took all the Lila stone pictures and watched it as a slideshow. There are 701 pictures and it was amazing. All the pictures are so special to us. There are pictures of people holding the stone, pictures of just their hands holding the stone, pictures of dogs and horses with Lila stones, pictures of landmarks and flowers and so much more. It is really touching.

I am so glad we have these Lila stones to share with people because we feel like it helps people remember her and think of her. We know no one will forget about her, but seeing the pictures is the perfect kind of proof for us. A few days ago I got an email from a friend of a friend who had taken her Lila stone with her to Australia. That now means that we have Lila stone pictures from five of the seven continents (still need South America and Antarctica!) 5 of 7! I never thought that our little baby could inspire such a movement that has reached so many different countries and nations and yet she did. Later on that same day we got our first picture from Puerto Rico which was a total surprise, my favorite kind of Lila stone pictures are always the ones we have no idea are coming. 


701 times someone has thought to take a picture of something with their Lila stone and hopefully thought of her at the same time. This has helped us so much more than we ever thought possible. 


So this leads me to our request for Lila's upcoming first birthday on January 31st. Please send us a Lila stone picture on that day. We don't care if you are in a foreign country or in your kitchen. Get in the picture with your stone or take it out your window. It does not matter to us we just want to see them! I am not sure how Mike and I will feel on Lila's birthday. Right now it feels surreal to even be in the month of January. We honestly try not to think about what she should be doing and how we should be throwing her first birthday party because it is just too unbearable. We miss her so much and seeing those pictures on that day would be so helpful to us. Thank you in advance. 

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