There was a commercial last year that came on in January that we loved seeing.  It was some weight watchers commercial and the song they sang had the words "Ooh, La La!" over and over.  We loved when it came on because it was so obviously close to saying "Ooh, Lila!" that we thought it was funny.  We imagined saying it to Lila when she got home.  That commercial seemed to be on at every commercial break on TV and we just thought it was neat that was playing so much when Lila was so close to getting here.

After Lila was born and her 8 days here with us, I remember thinking that I was going to dread seeing and hearing that commercial.  To my surprise, we never saw that commercial again for the whole year.  I was somewhat shocked considering how often it was being played but I chalked it up to Lila helping us out at our worst time.  

I guess we were not out of the woods because that commercial is now making the rounds again.  If you have watched at least 20 minutes of TV I'm sure you've seen it.  I now understand why it was all over the place last January.  It was the new year and everyone was starting their new weight loss plans as part of their New Years resolution to work out more (which I'm sure all worked for them).  It's not as rough right now to see them but it still hurts.  Lila was born on January 31st last year and every time that commercial comes on, I either turn the channel or mute the TV because it's just glimpse into how happy our lives were before Lila was born and how broken they have become.  - Mike