Donation's from Lila Stones

We were so overwhelmed with the support that we got on Lila's birthday that we wanted to give back a little.  There were so many texts, emails and Lila stone pictures that we so very touching and meant the world to Jenny and I.  After Lila's birthday party, Jenny and I decided to make a donation based on how many Lila stone pictures  we got on that day.  There were a total of 60 pictures and we doubled that and donated $120 to the March of Dimes.  We decided to make the donation today because Lila would have been 14 months old tomorrow.  We hope to use the Lila stone pictures that we get every year to make other donations in Lila's name so please keep sending them.  We love seeing them.  

Also if anyone plans on traveling to Antarctica, don't forget your Lila stone!  Antarctica is the only continent that has yet to see a Lila stone. - Mike