3 Months Old and a Rose Bush

Lila would have been 3 months old, since she was born on the 31st of January, we just consider her to be another month old on the last day of every month. 3 months old. This baby would have been so adjusted to us and us to her by now. She would be smiling and probably sleeping on a normal schedule. Of course she'd be sleeping on a normal schedule, she was a genius baby! We miss her so much. Everything we do revolves around what it would have been like with her with us.

Our amazing neighbor planted a rose bush today in Lila's honor. We wanted to share a picture of it, (theres a Lila stone in the bottom left corner). Everytime we see pretty pink flowers we think of her. Everything that is beautiful is what Lila represented to us. We just wanted a lifetime of that with her here.