Seeing my Tattoo

I was at the grocery store and while I was checking out, the cashier said that she liked my tattoo of Lila's footprints.  I haven't had anyone mention that to me in a long time so I didn't realize what she said at first.  I said thanks but nothing else.  I always like it when people see the tattoo and say something to me but I don't always say that Lila died.  I don't know why but I don't always want to talk about it with random strangers.  

For some reason on the way home, it really started to bother me on the drive home that I didn't mention more of Lila's story.  I was thinking about Lila a lot and was really missing her.  I sort of felt like I let her down because I didn't talk enough about her.  It was just one of those times that you get upset when you aren't expecting it.  Later on that night, though, I was thinking about it again and realized that I don't have to tell everyone that Lila died but the fact remains that someone else knows about a baby named Lila with some of the cutest feet ever.  This is why I got the tattoo, for people to ask about it and the fact that more and more people ask about it and say they like it is a form of remembrance. - Mike