Mother's Day's Somber Roots

A friend of ours' sent us this article today, about how Mother's Day began:

Mother's Day's Dark History

Mother's Day "was founded for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers and work for peace."  It began as a day for those women who have to go on living after their children have died.  The way we currently celebrate Mother's Day is set up as a completely commercial slap in the face to what it was intended to be.  What if Mother's Day morphed into a day to lend extra support to those women who have lost children?  What if the intent was for everyone to pick up whom they know who suffer every day without their children?  It's what those of us who have lost children and babies want from the world.  Acknowledgement and remembrance.  There is pregnancy and infant loss day in October but how many people recognize that day who have not gone through this type of loss?

The over commercialization of this day and all the advertisements, flowers and Mother's Day specials that are thrown in your face everywhere you go do the exact opposite for those women for whom the day was founded.  Mother's Day is now a day that ignores those whose children have died.  Holiday's in general feel like this (at least for us).  Mother's Day feels like it is just a day for businesses and restaurants to make money and a day for everyone else to tweet or Instagram a picture of their Mom to the world.  To those of us without our kids, this is a day which makes us feel like we don't belong in this society and a day where the loss of our kids stings more than most days.  We miss you Lila. - Mike