Easter and Two Months

Before Lila was born, Jenny had already made our plans for Easter.  That was going to be Lila's busiest day since she was born.  We were going to take her to Easter mass, have everyone gush about how cute and well behaved she is and go to brunch at the Grand Concourse in Station Square.  Lila would be wearing her Easter dress which would obviously contain pink and she'd have one of the many bonnets on that Jenny had picked out (like the one below).  Lila would also have been two months old today.  Easter was going to be a great day for our little family.

Today brought much more pain than joy.  Holidays are tough.  So are monthly milestones for Lila.  We didn't realize that Lila was going to be two months on Easter until earlier this week.  Every Easter in my life had been a refreshing one which is what were expecting this one to be before Lila was born.  It is a time of rebirth and nature brings reminders as trees start to bud and ladybugs begin appearing.  Granted, Lila did her best to prolong the winter with several days of Lila snow so far this spring.  We have not been able to be refreshed or feel the rebirth because we miss our sweet Lila so much and are still mourning her loss.  I had to go to the store to get eggs and bread today.  I wasn't expecting many people there but it seemed that everyone who was there had their kids with them and they all were happy.  Every aisle I turned into I was reminded of this.  It just made me think more about how Lila should be in my cart as I go down these aisles.  She should be here, this shouldn't have happened to our baby. - Mike