Two flowers

When you come into our apartment there is a vase on a table with these two big flowers. We bought them a few years ago when I told Mike that we needed more "color" in our place. Looking at these flowers you would think they look normal and there is not much to them.

There is a flower missing though because there used to be three of them. It now resides with Lila at her mausoleum. They only allow fake flowers there because it is an indoor mausoleum and so we felt that she had to have the best flower we had with her. I did not realize at the time how fitting it would be that she would be given one of the three flowers that we had in our home.

When you look at these two flowers you do not know one is missing unless we tell you. When strangers look at us they do not know one of us is missing unless we tell them. 

And Lila will always be missing because she should be here with us.