January again and how you can help

I cannot believe it is January again. Lila's birthday month is here and she should be turning two soon. A two year old who would be loving and curious and running around and talking up a storm. She would be playing with her little sister and trying new things and such a great joy. 

This year feels very differently than last year and sometimes sadder at times. We are only on the 4th day of the month and each day has already brought on its own struggles. Lila's absence is felt every day by us, but now that we have Evie it becomes all the more of a reality. We not only miss the child LIla would be becoming, but we also miss the interactions she should have had with her sister. Plus its been almost two years since we last saw her, touched her, smelled her and kissed her. We are getting too far away from her. 

Plans have begun for planning Lila's 2nd birthday and what we want to do that day and the days following. It is one thing we can still do in her honor and it means so much to me. I am probably going way overboard as always, but its okay, Lila would've liked it that way. It helps me to plan things and have a goal for her and be able to do things for her. Though I do not think we will be doing sparklers this year as it was way too cold out last year! 

We ask of you that you please remember Lila on her 2nd birthday on January 31st. If you sent us a Lila stone picture last year, send one again this year. Send one now if you want or next week! Just because she is turning two this year and its not her first birthday, does not make it any easier on us. In fact I worry that it will be worse if we do not hear from people like we did last year. Send a text. Call. (Though I can't promise Ill answer that day). Email us. Anything you do will be helpful. Thank you in advance.