Lila's Stones and other updates

A lot of people have been sending in pictures of the Lila Stones at various places.  So far Lila has begun her travels and if you'd like to know where the stones have been,  please take a look at the page that I created which houses all of the pictures.  There is a link above and there is currently a slideshow at the bottom of the homepage.  

We love hearing when people tell us that they carry the Lila Stone around with them and just as much as we love it when people tell us that they read our blog every day.  I carry one in my pocket with me wherever I go.  Just to update you on our plans for the website, Jenny and I plan to post on this blog daily and will update the Lila's Stones gallery whenever we get new submissions.  I still plan on doing a 5k race in Lila's honor and will keep you updated here.  Right now we are thinking sometime in the fall.  I also created a mailing list so that if you prefer to get blog updates to your email, you can subscribe to our mailing list on the homepage.  We will also post updates on what we do with Lila's Memorial Fund, how we chose to remember her and who we help in her name. 

Thank you all for the cards, emails, text messages and phone calls (even if we don't respond or answer).  Reaching out like this is what helps get us through the days and don't ever feel like you are bothering us.  We need to be bothered right now, your support is what is keeping us sane right now so thanks again.  - Mike