8 pictures

Today has been a particularly bad day for us. I never know when it is going to hit me or what is going to set me off. What started off as an innocent drive to East Liberty to see a different part of Pittsburgh became a flood of emotions as memories began flooding back. I might not ever be able to drive through the Liberty Tunnel again as that is how we got to Magee Hospital so many times for all of the appointments we had while pregnant. All of the appointments that we enjoyed going to and all of the appointments that told us Lila was a completely healthy baby. Since she was healthy she should be here with us.

We are still awake at nearly midnight, late for us, because the thought of going to bed and thinking about things is far worse than staying up tired.

The only thing that even remotely helped us was the outpouring of Lila stone pictures we were sent today. We got 8 pictures from friends and family all over the country. Thank you. It may not seem like you are doing much for us, but seeing those pictures show us that for a brief moment you were also thinking of Lila and that to us is priceless. -Jenny