Lila's Color

One thing that Jenny and I found so intriguing about Lila was that her skin coloring was so much better than ours.  We are two of the palest people I've ever seen but Lila came out with what seemed a natural suntan.  She looked so good.  It's just another one of those surprises that we didn't see coming, although this was a good surprise.  Lila seemed to soak up every bit of her 56.25% Italian heritage.  This is proof that Lila was part of both of us but still her own little unique person.  It breaks my heart every day that we don't get to see the changes that she would have gone through and what her personality would have developed into.  It's not fair that this happened to our precious baby who had such perfect little baby features.  She was so beautiful in every way and I hate that it's painful to look at her pictures. I just hope she didn't suffer at all. - Mike