A kind gesture

Mike and I were talking about what helped us the most in 2015 and it was definitely the random acts of kindness that people bestowed upon us. The surprises in the mail, the emails, the Lila stone pictures, the packages, the text messages, the kind words, the ways other people remembered Lila and so many other things. I cannot emphasize enough how true this quote to the right of the page is. It is so very true and can be applied to many situations. The way others have reached out to us is really the only way we have been able to move forward, especially in those first days and months after losing Lila. 

Our experience has shown us that you should always do something. Always reach out, always share a memory, always do something. It really does make all the difference in the world. Two weekends ago we were at the mausoleum visiting Lila and an older woman came up to us and said she wanted to tell us that every time she comes to the mausoleum she always says goodbye to Lila. This was a complete stranger who has taken it upon herself to say hello to our Lila. I could barely thank her between tears but it was the most touching thing in the world to us and I am so glad she told us.

For this year we hope that we can bestow some kindness to other people who may need it too. All of those who have ever done something for us in Lila's name please know that your actions give us hope and love that we so desperately need while we continue to grieve for our baby girl.