Lila in Italy

A friend of mine from work stopped by my desk last week and surprised me by giving me some Lila stone pictures that he and his wife took on their honeymoon to Italy.  The one below is Lila in the Colosseum.  They took her to the Pantheon as well and all over Rome and Italy.  I wasn't expecting this and I didn't even know that he took his Lila stone with them. It was a really nice surprise and was very touching.  He said they found a crevice in the Colosseum and wedged the Lila stone in it and left it there.  Now she will be there forever.  There is also another Lila stone in the Trevi Fountain and it is so cool to think that there are two Lila stones permanently in Italy.  I suppose it is fitting since Lila is 56.25% Italian (50% from Jenny and 6.25% from me).  Below are a few of the pictures, one in the Colosseum and one in the crevice that they left it in. These types of gestures mean everything.  They let us know that people are still thinking about Lila.  If we ever get to go to Italy, hopefully we can find these Lila stones. - Mike