Lila turning three

It's unbelievable that Lila would be turning three in two days.  Having a three year old running around with her year and a half old sister is such a far different reality than what we have.  Unfathomable. We've been talking a lot recently how different the month leading up to Lila's birthday has been. It feels more like it wasn't real, like we imagined it all. It's a terrible feeling but I guess that's what time does. It never stops and we keep getting farther from when we last saw her.

We plan on doing some of the same things that we have done the past two years.  We will buy and release three balloons in the morning for Lila's three years.  We will go and visit her mausoleum and are having some friends over as well to celebrate and remember her.  The theme of her birthday this year is snowflakes.  Jenny and I cut some snowflakes out of paper. This was something that we probably haven't done in over 20 years but it was also healing for us.  There will be a snowflake decorating station where Eve and her friends can do a little snowflake craft.  Also we will have snowflake cookies.  We still can't believe it has been three years. We miss Lila so much.