The Holidays

This year will be our second Christmas without Lila. It is definitely different with Eve here, but the holiday season still brings about so much anxiety and sadness.  Eve has brought us so much joy but we still have moments where we picture our life with Lila running around as Eve learns from her. That perfect life still taunts us and the Christmas season emphasizes Lila's absence. From Thanksgiving through Christmas the focus is Christmas.  It was such a happy anticipation when we were kids but now the anticipation brings about so much anxiety about buying gifts and Christmas planning. We avoided much of that last year and it worked well for us but it is important to us that we make it normal for Eve. In doing that it opens up a lot of situations that we avoided last year. I know we will get through the holidays but after the holidays, we lead right into January and Lila's 2nd birthday. - Mike