Thanksgiving 2014

On Thanksgiving a fellow loss parent put on Twitter how he feels that every holiday is a "realization" that his daughter is truly gone. It is a very true statement. It is one thing to go about your daily activities and not have your child here, but the holidays are especially difficult to deal with and just hits you in the face yet again that your child is gone. 

This Thanksgiving marked our 2nd one without Lila. It went well because we did what we wanted to do and were able to remember Lila that day on our own terms. That concept is so very important for us and what made this holiday go well. We went downtown and picked up our catered Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice and calm drive into the city because there is no traffic on holidays. The people at the restaurant could not have been nicer and made us feel welcomed to be there. Plus the man who delivered our food to our car was wearing a top hat and made us laugh. Then we went for a quick trip to Lila's tree. Of course Evie was sleeping in the car, but as soon as we got to the tree she was wide awake and looking around. We took pictures and enjoyed the fact that we were the only people on Flagstaff Hill that day, which has never happened before. We came home and decided to eat whenever we wanted to. Just a day of the three of us being together and remembering Lila of course. We then went over to Mike's Uncle's House for dessert and Evie got to meet some new friends. It was nice, it was calm, it was special for E, we did okay.