January or February?

I have thought a lot lately about the day Lila was born. She was due on February 15th, but I had a c-section scheduled for February 8th. We had really thought she was going to be a February baby. I had a suspicion that she would come earlier than the 8th, but we really had no idea. I had no braxton hicks and no reason to think she would come earlier, but I was sorta hoping she would come on my birthday of February 4th. This is why we were so surprised when I woke up on January 31st in labor. It was like she waited until the last possible day in January to prove us wrong and be a January baby. She was always tricking us and trying to prove us wrong. I wanted her to do this forever, she deserved that much. 

This picture is one we took after we got admitted to the hospital on January 31st. We wanted to show her what the weather was like on the day she was born. We wanted her to see that it was not snowing at all and if we told her later in her life that we had to drive in blizzard to get to the hospital on the day she was born that we were obviously lying.